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We have divided our products into various series, differing in their composition and use. Herewith we list the principal characteristics of each series.


Predominantly protein-based agents, modified with wax, polyamide or oils as need be, in order to give each product specific characteristics that make them adaptable to various uses. They may be used as polishable pre-bottom, in resin covering, and either glossy or matte seasons, and exists in both cationic and anionic version. LT series also includes a vast selection of lightly bound pigments.

This series includes a selection of natural and synthetic waxes, either anionic, cationic or non-ionic. Different degrees of hardness allow the user to create a variety of items, following either fashion, classic or sports lines. Some of these waxes can be used to obtain bleached, brushed or pull-up effects; others are ideal as polishable bottom when it is necessary to hide low grain. These agents may also be used as a base for glossy items. The series also includes fillers that modify the film stickiness and coverage, facilitating the detachment from machinery used for printing or ironing.


Line of acrylic and butadiene-based binders, of different structure and elasticity. Essential to classic finishing, these agents better the adhesion and coverage of the film. Some are characterized by their resistance to solvents and their ability to re-inflate in water and are reticulated in case it is necessary to increase resistance; other can be used to saturate box items. The series also includes a cationic acrylic resin.

Line of aqueous polyurethane-based binders, stable in hydrolysis. These fine-quality agents are able to modify the elasticity and hardness of the film produced during drying. They may be reticulated with polyaziridins or di-isocyanates, yielding resistances suitable for leather goods. Some, used as polishable bottoms, create a light film without making the grain heavier. The series also includes cationic polyurethane.


Our LC series compound consists in various kinds of agents, ready for immediate use for production items in both buffed leather and with inside grain. They differ in coverage, elasticity, and printability and their use ranges from box items, patent leather, lining, upholstery to leather for the fashion industry. Some of the agents in this series pass the Tropical Test and are thus ideal for specific technical items. The “cationic” LC line includes three special agents: LC 2525/K, LC 2579 K, LC MIX K, all of which can be used to obtain very natural looking and exceptionally resistant nappa for leather goods. For further information, please contact our technicians.

A line of acrylic/polyurethane-based agents that differ in coverage, softness and glossiness. They may be used mostly for classic items when no special resistance is required.


The series includes feel modifiers of various nature, some silicon-based and others wax-based. It also includes oil emulsions that may be blended with polishable pre-bottom to refine the feel of the finished item. This series also includes chloride resin-based water proofers as well as a silicon resin that allows making color corrections on nubuk. The last, in fact, may be colored with our LT, DP or KC colorants and yields a highly uniform result after processing the treated hide in drum, making the correction barely visible.


This series includes “nitro-emulsions” used to set finishing or in intermediate phases before any mechanical printing operation in order to avoid stickiness. They may be glossy, semi-glossy or matte and offer a pleasant feel, leaving a natural feeling on the leather. EM 1693 is particularly interest in given its ecologic nature: in fact, no harmful solvents are present in this product.

Our line of nitro-based finishing, used mostly for “florantique” leather items. Available both in glossy (VN Series), which offer brilliance, and matte (MN Series), characterized by an oily texture.


A line of natural, vegetable and synthetic oils. They can be mixed together; some, if emulsified in water and blended with other products of the LF SERIES, yield greasing effects, acting as a lubricant for the grain and giving a more unique feel to the treated hide.

This range includes penetrators, wetting agents, oil for nubuck and pull-up effects.

This line consists in blends of waxes and oils, both natural and synthetic, of excellent quality. These agents are generally applied with roller-coating,machine in order to guarantee the best distribution over the hide’s surface, and may be used to yield cowhide, oiled leather and pull-ups, either buffed or full grain.

A line of aqueous wax-based agents, specifically for the creation of next-generation products

For these series and other particular products,
please consult specific technical literature.

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